Making Kimchi

Can’t take credit for any of the Kimchi I made on Saturday.
I took a class @ Banchan Story to learn how to make 3 different kinds of Kimchi.
32oz jar of Kimchi in Korean grocers in Manhattan costs around $10 nowadays, which really adds up, if you think about it. As a thrifty chef, I decided I should learn how to make my own to save money. With all the probiotic characteristics of fermented food stealing the headlines of food blogs and articles, and not to mention the benefit of it,  it was time for me to learn! $95 well worth spent. I am sure the instructors want the recipes to be not on the blog, so I will not post but I will post what we made.
You can most likely find recipes & youtube clips online.

Nappa Cabbage Kimchi
Water Kimchi (Donchimi) which I made before & posted in the past blog
Cubed Radish Kimchi




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